When I was 14 I attended my first audition for Drum Corps International. I realized quickly I was in over my head. I lacked training and above all else, I was younger than most. I spent that audition weekend immersed in a group of individuals with ages ranging from 15-21, kids who had been in the activity and others who were there for the first time. Although there were various levels of training, there was a clear feeling of accomplishment. We were all there for one thing. All across the country thousands of people wanted to be in our shoes and we were the lucky few who figured out how to make it happen. I walked away from that audition with a membership contract and a newfound drive and purpose. I was a part of something much larger than myself and that meant more to me than the thousands of dollars I was about to spend to do it.

Eleven years later, my passion for Drum Corps and non-profit performing arts organizations still holds true. I found my place in the world just like the more than a quarter of a million people who have over the 46 years Drum Corps International has existed. I have spent 7 years involved in Drum Corps International as both a marching and a staff member. As well as participating in Winter Guard International. Over these years I have watched many students in high school and college, who were both music and non-music majors, grow and flourish in this environment. I have seen how this activity has shaped individuals and given them the knowledge and platform to be successful in whatever career they choose. That is the reason I created Alumni Funds. It is imperative that organizations like Drum Corps International continue growing and I want to help make that possible.