“Moms  and Dads who loved following their sons and daughters all over the country to watch them compete, win or lose. Who drove food trucks and made home town dinners in 90 degree heat.  Who are grateful for Drum Corps International and for the life experience and life skills that it afforded our kids.

Our kids begin as Drum Corp International band members and come home as young adults who understand what it means to be Dedicated, Confident, and Independent.  They learn life skills while making lifelong friends, something you can’t put a price on.

This scholarship is in Honor of Jason, Haley, Amber, and Sarah Anne for their Desire to Create this platform for scholarships,  Inspiring other Alumni to give back to the community that gave them a most excellent summer adventure.”


  • Has proven membership within an Open or World Class Drum and Bugle Corps.
  • Eligible to participate in Drum Corps International per DCI official rules.

Selection Criteria: OPEN FORMAT

  • Tell us why you are the obvious choice for this scholarship. Be creative. Be captivating. Be undeniable.
    * Any format is accepted (essay, video, recommendation letter, etc.)





$500 scholarship awarded to an individual who is a contracted  member of Drum Corps International. 


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