Alumni Funds Scholarship Winners

“I am proud to be a scholarship recipient from Alumni Funds in 2017. With that scholarship, I was able to pay off my dues to be a member of Carolina Crown. Through my first year of this organization, I learned how to set a goal so big that I can’t achieve it until I grow into the person who can. The people I’ve met along the way have believed in me more than I have believed in myself – everything I am and everything I have become I owe to Carolina Crown. I thank Alumni Funds for helping me pursue my dreams and supporting me every step of the way.” – Kennedy Douglas

“I am very thankful for the Alumni Funds team and their commitment to providing accessible funding for the next generation of the marching arts. As a Scholarship recipient for the 2016 season, I can say that my dreams would not have been possible without the help of Alumni Funds. With the Scholarship they awarded me, I was able to pay the last little bit of dues I had left and march my first season of drum corps. That season not only provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve more of my future marching goals, but helped me learn many skills that I still use in my everyday life and provided me with a group of life long friends that I still keep up with today. I believe the team over at Alumni Funds are not only helping kids fund their drum corps dreams, but helping them grow into more developed human beings through the scholarships they are providing. Thank you to the Alumni Funds team, and all of the people involved in making these scholarships possible!” – James Bessie